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Explore gorgeous waterfalls, pristine rainforests, white sand beaches,

mysterious caves  or  historical colonial towns. You name it, we take you there. 


Nátura PR was founded on 2021. After 13 years working as a tour guide for other companies, a BA in Geography, a Juris Doctor and a Master's in Destination Management, president and founder Francisco Amundaray decided that it was time to start a company that would specialize in quality, rather than quantity and give visitors a sense of what the real Puerto Rico is like.

In our view of tourism, Puerto Rico is more than Old San Juan, El Yunque Forest or the Bioluminescent Bays. There are a lot more places to explore and understand. And the best way to experience them is with small groups  and truly knowledgeable guides. 

Our guides will interpret Puerto Rico's natural and historical heritage, as well as keeping the participants as safe as possible in natural and adventure settings.  Some of the areas that our guides are acquainted with include: heritage interpretation, geography, geology, history, biology, speleology, canyoning, rock climbing, ecological agriculture, first aid, rescue and vertical techniques. 

In our tours and experiences we try to address the following questions:

What are the basics elements of Puerto Rico's geology and geography? 

Why are the islands of Puerto Rico hotspots for biodiversity in the Caribbean Region? 

What are the ethnic origins of Puerto Ricans? 

What are the historical events that shaped Puerto Rico as a nation? 

How can ecotourism and community-based tourism foster economic developing in an horizontal way?

What are the environmental challenges that the Puerto Rican society is facing? 


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Francisco Amundaray

Francisco Amundaray

Certified tour guide by the PRTC. Adventure Guide. CPR and First Aid.

Francisco "Bhakti" Vives

Francisco "Bhakti" Vives

Adventure Guide, ICAN certified. Expert in Canyoning.

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